It's time to learn a new concept in the world of eco tourism with rural, design, architecture and environmental commitment, with the objective: You make guests enjoy while collaborating with the maintenance of biodiversity and nature, is where we plan to build the network of eco lodge and hotels.

Located in a natural area are unique and enigmatic as routes to the Salar de Uyuni AND COLOR LAKES where we witnessed the excessive and over-exploitation of our natural resources so our proposed "ECOLOGICAL HOTELS" with the following characteristics:

* IN HARMONY WITH THEIR SURROUNDINGS: That makes use of local materials with proper acclimatization, thinking particularly of the public end, consider solar orientation and natural and health of the building.

* DRY ORGANIC BATH-TOILET: A system for purposes of preservation of the environment which recovers and recycles nutrients and organic matter to plants and prevents the spread of diseases, environmental contamination and hygienic maintenance of our surroundings. It is characterized by a toilet (toilet) separator (eco-toilet) that separates the feces (poop) in the urine.

* HEALTHIER FOOD: Not only resides ecology architecture, gastronomy also agro-ecological foods are key players in the restaurants of these hotels with crop gardens.from the garden to the plate!, Is there anything more environmentally friendly?

* SOLAR ENERGY: Characteristic must! Most of the energy consumed on the premises is to come from the sun's rays collected by solar panels.

BIO GAS: Biogas production by anaerobic decomposition is considered as useful for treating biodegradable waste as a fuel produces value and generate an effluent that can be applied as a soil conditioner or fertilizer generic.

This gas is used in cooking, ovens, chimney etc.

* LEISURE NATURE CONTACT: Climbing, horseback riding, hiking, biking, tours astronomical sky cleaner world ... are some additional activities that you can perform on the ECO hotels.

We are a company with trained and experience in the area of tourism, we all managed under the principles of environmental sustainability and ecology. Locking in the business since more than six years which guarantees our service quality, efficiency and responsibility providing security and natural experiences almost over.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: When you take our tourist services is contributing to all of you who have wagered to protect preserve and live worthy of the dedication forge work with every day and to stay his name in the history of the company. We would appreciate forever.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: If you are respectful to the environment and sustainable development, the only option for vacationing in Bolivia and enjoy the wonders of the world's largest salt flat is itself through our ecological installations, we are waiting.

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