The ecological Restaurants Hotels are betting from the beginning of the natural resources of the earth and totally rejected the invasion of chemicals in food.

Thus our menu ingredients are produced using traditional techniques in healthy soils, environments and greenhouses producing vegetables in our facilities throughout the year for the consumption of our clients, cereals and other products in areas surrounding the region, free of additives , hormones, toxic chemicals transgenic and therefore does not harm the earth. Crops receive only organic manure produced and processed by ourselves also animal husbandry uses ancestral practices on small farms, without subjecting animals to stress or abuse.

A conscious eating helps make it possible for future generations to continue feeding in a healthier world.

The premises of this natural diet are integrated and balanced calm the mind and spirit and at the same time, renew the body with healthy and delicious dishes, you are welcome to test our variety of a la carte based especially quinoa and meat Flame of each of our restaurants: ECOLOGICAL NEVADA nestled on the shores of a beautiful lake where you can see from the window a few feet away beautiful flamingos in their natural habitat and EXPLORE RESTAURANT ECOLOGICAL at the foot of Volcano Tunupa and the shores of the Salar world's largest flamingo appreciate flames and heavenly scenery to accompany him as he explores organic food, quinoa and beer and coke. From appetizer: coca liquor unique in the world with its qualities ...

Enjoy this experience you expect…

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